Rush concert ticket available!

Crossposting this from my new blog - I'm beginning to suspect that most people who used to read my LJ aren't actually reading it.

It looks like I’ve got an extra ticket for the Rush concert at the Tweeter Center on Sunday, June 15, at 7:30 PM. This is a reserved open-air seat.

I think the ticket was something like $45, but I’ll have to check it once I get home. Any takers?

In which I quit LiveJournal

OK, I know I've threatened to do this before, but this time I am actually going through with it. Seriously.

I don't know that I much care about the recent actions that SUP, the new owners of LJ, have taken. But I'm somewhat disturbed by what seems to be their general attitude towards their customers, and more disturbingly, with the fact that this company is no longer located in the United States of America and therefore not bound by US law.

I also happen to run my own web server, and free blogging software has gotten quite good in the last few years. Upshot: this is my new blog.

I'll still be keeping my LJ account so I can see friends-only posts, and so that I can reply to people's posts, but I do encourage you all to join me in not just complaining about LiveJournal's new owners, but actually doing something about it. I'll be happy to provide anyone who wants with free advice about how to migrate your posts and how to set up your own blog under your own control on your own server.

The Bandwagon

Just jumping on the ol' bandwagon here and reporting on the once and future LARP cons.

Intercon H

Since I was at the ops desk for most of the con, I don't really have as much to report about H as most other people do. I'll basically just say that I had a great con, things seemed to go very smoothly overall, and that we had a very good first run of "The Last Seder." Also, I got a chance to play interactivearts and sophistbastard's "10 Bad Modules in 100 Bad Minutes," which was a hilarious campaign-oriented take on the "10 Bad LARPs" series. Highly recommended.

I also want to thank everyone who came by the Ops desk to help this weekend - you guys were incredibly helpful and we totally couldn't have done it without you. In particular, those of you who helped Renee in the Con Suite are heroes and deserve many, many thanks.

Festival of the LARPs

Festival of the LARPs signup is now open! If you want to go to a FREE LARP CONVENTION from April 4-6, this is your chance.

I'm signed up for:

The Last Seder (as a GM)
Snaf University (GM)
Last Stop
Miskatonic Archaeological Expedition
Marin County New Age Society Cocktail Party

If you want to sign up for any of these awesome games, go to our web site!

A meme

Stolen from rigel.

Age: 24
From: Hastings-on-Hudson, NY. For those from the New York metro area, that will roughly read as "white boy land."
Languages: English, obviously. Some Spanish, but not fluent by any means. Lots of programming languages, if that counts.
Parentage: First son of a grad school professor and a children's librarian. My dad's family is all from Russia and western-bloc former SSRs, and my mom's family is half Russian and half Hungarian.
Education: BS in Computer Science and Philosophy from Brandeis University.
Relationship/Domestic Status: In a serious, long-term relationship with v_cat. She and I live together along with three other friends.
Vocation: Web Applications Developer at DataSynapse, Inc. Previously worked at PatientKeeper and Novell.
Astrology: Aries and Year of the Pig, but I don't put any stock in superstition.
Totem: It's an okay media player, I guess. (Yes, I understand the meaning of the question, and am deliberately evading it. See answer to Astrology question.)
Food and Sex: Preferably separate, thanks. In terms of food, I'm a chocoholic and also love BBQ and Indian food, and generally am a sucker for anything spicy. In terms of sex... that's for me to know. :)
Sexual Orientation: Ostensibly straight.
Piercings: None.
Tattoos: None.
Health Foo: Very obviously overweight. Childhood asthma, which isn't around anymore, thankfully. Allergic to cats. Occasionally prone to pulled leg muscles, which I think are stress related.
Hobbies: Gaming (LARP, board games, old school PC adventure games). I play guitar and like to sing, both with instruments and karaoke. LARP increasingly is my life.

Stuff Happens

I heart Leonard Cohen:

Jazz police are looking through my folders
Jazz police are talking to my niece
Jazz police have got their final orders
Jazzer, drop your axe, it's Jazz police!

The past week or so has been really, really hectic in Nat-land. Things usually get like this around Intercon, so it's all good. Collapse )

Just a quick note

BTW, those of you following stuff here on this journal may have noticed that I'm not [redact]ing names anymore. After due consideration, most people don't really see the point of it, and it seems like it was an overreaction to be doing it in the first place.

Where possible, I'm linking to people's LJ usernames (e.g. v_cat) instead of mentioning their real names. If they don't have an LJ username, I'll mention the real name instead. If anyone doesn't want to be mentioned, or wants to be mentioned in a particular way, please comment here and let me know.