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Intercon I Con Com minutes - 22 June 2008

Concom Minutes
22 June 2008

Thanks to bleemoo for taking notes.  Minutes are behind the cut.

  • Hotel Liason
    • Department head not here. His report: "Won't be able to make ConCom. Nothing happening on the hotel front."
  • Bid Chair
    • Department head not here. Her report:

can't be there.

nothign new to report
going to origins; will bring flyers

everyone get folks to bid games"

    • To Bid Chair: please copy Information Minister on monthly updates
  • Information
    • Information has been successfully concealed from the enemy. We rule.
    • Tim to check in with Bid Chair on coordinating bid solicitation.
    • Any department head that wants to send out a message should coordinate with the Information Minister (Tim).
    • A general advertising and bid soliciation message will go out to the usual places this week (before the 20 July price increase).
  • Con Suite
    • Nothing new to report.
  • GM Coordinator
    • Nothing new to report.
  • Treasurer
    • Nothing new to report. (No new memberships sold.)
  • Ops
    • Sam to find out whether StitchAmerica will do 1 design/2 shirt types at same price as 1 shirt type (www.embroiderysuperstore.com)
    • Order buttons to be sent to Tim and Renee, pending final art approval, so they can get the buttons to DexCon next month.
    • Business cards to be ordered - standard form, 'free' + shipping
  • Pubs / Art
    • Department head not here. Her report:

"A quick status from the Art Department.
I sent some comments about the buttons to Anita as well as several members who reviewed them.

Trends are:

      We like the aliens
      Font should be clear and easy to read

A final review pair of buttons will come of the comments so when we have just two to choose from we can have our button for "I".

Thanks to Anna for the monthly updates of games so that the flyer can get tweaked at regular intervals.

If any Art issues come up let Anita and I know.

  • Registrar
    • Nothing new to report: still only 93 people registered.
    • This is about average with respect to previous years, however, we haven't sent out any information lately.
    • projected attendance: 240-250.
  • Vendor
    • Department head not here.  Items from last meeting need to still be discussed in next meeting:
      • R. Craig Enslin
  • Web
    • Items from last meeting:
      • Jen is going to contact Barry to see about getting a vendors page on the site
      • Site still says Angel/Devil shirt - probably should fix?
  • Con chair
    • Items from last meeting:
      • LARPA replied that they don't need a refill on pencils just at the moment; will send email to board to get pencil approval
    • Talk about Thursday
      • separate commitee
        • Post-meeting update from Nat: Josh Sheena will be the committee chair; Andrew Zorowitz will be a member of the committee
      • head of committee: Andrew Zorowitz, Josh Sheena?
      • not for games, but for panels, workshops, etc.
      • full registration not needed; people can just go to what they're interested in
      • we have 2 rooms: probably Carlysle & Chelmsford
      • Another possibility: an Iron GM Contest running on the extra day - Josh tentatively agreed to run
      • enlarge block to include Thursday night hotel rooms
      • Nominal ops presence is necessary, but probably nothing bigger
  • Schedule
    • Next concom meeting
      • (Anna says: "july - sucks rocks.  i can go to a meeting on the 6th or the 19th but that is it :(")
      • Aug 10 2pm - Brandeis or possibly Fitchburg
  • Josh's birthday
    • Cake!
      • Chocolate



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