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In which I quit LiveJournal

OK, I know I've threatened to do this before, but this time I am actually going through with it. Seriously.

I don't know that I much care about the recent actions that SUP, the new owners of LJ, have taken. But I'm somewhat disturbed by what seems to be their general attitude towards their customers, and more disturbingly, with the fact that this company is no longer located in the United States of America and therefore not bound by US law.

I also happen to run my own web server, and free blogging software has gotten quite good in the last few years. Upshot: this is my new blog.

I'll still be keeping my LJ account so I can see friends-only posts, and so that I can reply to people's posts, but I do encourage you all to join me in not just complaining about LiveJournal's new owners, but actually doing something about it. I'll be happy to provide anyone who wants with free advice about how to migrate your posts and how to set up your own blog under your own control on your own server.


Is there any smooth way to handle things like post filtering and friend groups?
I'm curious too. That's the thing that's kept me here.
OK, I think I've worked out a way to do this, using a combination of the Post Levels and Role Manager plugins. Additionally, I installed WP-OpenID (so all you LJ users don't need to sign up for a new account just to see my friends-only posts), and Weasel's Login Redirect (to make the login screen less confusing).

I've posted a protected post, just to test things out. Now I need help to see if people think this is a viable solution. To try it out, do the following 2 steps:

1) Go to my blog and under "Site Options" (it's on the right side), click "Log In".

2) There will be a box that says "Or login using your OpenID url:" at the bottom; in that box, type your LiveJournal blog address. For example, I'd type "natbudin.livejournal.com".

3) LiveJournal will then ask you if you want to allow my blog to access your ID. Tell it yes; I recommend clicking "yes, always", but if you don't trust my site, you can click "yes, just this once".

4) Now my site knows who you are, but I still need to "friend" you. I'll automatically get email when you first sign in, and I will friend you. I'll email you when I've done that.

OpenID provider

I just set up PHP Standalone OpenID on Zevils. It seemed pretty straightforward; the only trick was that I had to use version 1 of the OpenID library, the API changed in version 2. I was able to log in on your site, let's see if I can post this comment...

Addenum: Nope. "Invalid form submission. Please refresh and try again." I think it just doesn't like my captcha answers, since I can't seem to post anonymously either.

Re: OpenID provider

Huh, weird. I'm using phpMyID on natbudin.com to provide much the same thing, and IWFM...

Re: OpenID provider

Seems to be working now.
This is unlikely to be compatible with RSS readers that don't get my cookies (like Google Reader), though, right?
Yeah, that is probably true. I don't know if WordPress gives you a way to specify username and password via the URL or not, but if it does, then you could sign up for a regular (non-OpenID) account on the site and use that with your RSS reader.
The LJ solution to this is to add "&auth=http" to the URL, which causes it to ask for HTTP authentication credentials. Which probably still doesn't help some web-based readers.
OK, better solution.

I've modified the Post Levels plugin so that people who aren't logged in can now see that a protected post exists, but they won't be able to see the content of the post. This isn't exactly like LJ behavior, but it is good enough for my purposes. So now your RSS reader can notify you that there's a private post it can't see, and you can then go to the site and read it.
Short answer: I'll get back to you on that.

Long(er) answer: Not built-in, but it seems like there are a number of plugins that can help out, and I'm planning on trying them out to see which ones handle the problem well.
I'll add you to my RSS feed.
will you have an rss feed? pleasE? caue no way in hell am i goign to another location to get stuff i like methe aggregatenature of lj
I already do. It's a built-in feature of WordPress.
hwo do i add it to lj?
thankeey :)
I agree with your rss and would like to subscribe to your newsletter! Um, what I mean is I've gone ahead and added your feed to my reader already. But the link in the footer of your website is a little nonstandard (I got: "feed://http//blog.natbudin.com/?feed=rss2" from it, which has some extra-y bits in it, doesn't need the "feed://" bit, and the http is missing the :), so it was a little trick-y.
Ulp, those links do kind of suck. I've now desuckified them.

Also, I've friended you on the blog now.


I like you because of your icon!

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