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I heart Leonard Cohen:

Jazz police are looking through my folders
Jazz police are talking to my niece
Jazz police have got their final orders
Jazzer, drop your axe, it's Jazz police!

The past week or so has been really, really hectic in Nat-land. Things usually get like this around Intercon, so it's all good.
  • Initial copies of the 10 Bad LARPs: Director's Cut book have been ordered. (People wanting to buy their own copy should wait a bit, so I can get the final artwork in from gyokutogirl - I'll post the direct link to buy the book once that's ready.)
  • Things are really shaping up for The Last Seder. This is going to be a fun game.
  • Intercon H Ops shopping has been done. Sam has ordered printed materials from Staples. Still need to print and stuff packets and some other miscellaneous business.
  • The cold I thought was gone last week has reared its ugly head again, in the form of severe sore throat and coughing. It was bad enough on Friday night that I dragged v_cat out to the emergency room. The doctors there tested me for strep throat, and discovered that in fact, I just had a cold. Then they prescribed me vicodin. I repeat - for a cold, they prescribed vicodin. I thought that was a bit over the top, but whatever. (I didn't take the vicodin past the initial dose they gave me in the emergency room.)


Re: ER vicodin. Maybe they want you as a return customer? ;-)

I got a Rx for codeine a while back from my then-PCP (who has since moved out-of-state) when I was having difficulty sleeping on account of excessive coughing, and guaifenesin and dextromethorphan weren't doing the trick. Man, the codeine did the trick. I didn't need it twice.

Opioids still kinda scare me, though. Sonia, having read "Long Day's Journey into Night" one too many times, declined opioid narcotics after her cesarean and made do with staggered doses of APAP and ibuprofen.
Heh, yeah. I'm not very squeamish about pain killers, but even I balked at the Rx for 12 vicodin tablets to be taken one every six hours.

And the vicodin they gave me at the hospital certainly worked wonders - I don't even remember anything after I lay down in bed afterwards.
Will there be copies of 10 Bad to purchase at Intercon H or Brandeis Festival? Lack of bank account means lack on non-family credit card, and this goes under the category of things I would not like explaining to my folks.

Very excited about The Last Seder. Might have some more questions for the GMs. Aren't you thrilled? ;)

You didn't have an ear infection along with your cold, did you? Vicodin makes sense in that case. Otherwise... I dunno. You can carry around the bottle and pretend you're House?
There will be copies of the pre-release (i.e. no inside artwork) version to purchase at Intercon, and I'll more than likely have stuff ready for the final release at Festival, so if you want, I can pre-order you a copy and you can pay me at Festival for it.

Re Last Seder: questions are both expected and welcome! :)

I didn't have an ear infection, no... the House comparison did cross my mind. I didn't actually cash the prescription yet, so I don't actually have the House prop. :-D
That sounds like an excellent plan. Thank you!

Questions sent.

Aw, darn.

> I don't actually have the House prop.

Sagotsky has a cane you can probably borrow.

Damn. Next time I need to go to an ER, I want to go to that one!
Somerville Hospital seems like a bit of a trek from where you are, but sure. :)
I'll drive her. Maybe I can invent a malady along the way for myself, too.
Narcotics for a cold? Good god why? Just to get you to sleep?
Nyquil used to be enough for the few times I've had it a really bad cold. But I think the formula has changed on it.
Was not able to get to the Kinko's. DID finish inking. Will be out there tomorrow morning (probably early afternoon your time) I WILL KEEP MY GODDAM PROMISE.

On the plus side, I am quite pleased at the final turnout. :)

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